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Wow, your yard and gardens are beautiful! I love the trellis in that new raised bed of yours, great work. Isn't it funny how expensive these little projects can be... $110 on dirt! Crazy.

I was just checking out the other newbies on Blotanical, I'm new there too.

All your hard work and determination will pay off when your garden will be gorgeous with all the flowers blooming!

I'm imagining those trumpets when they're all full-grown. It's beautiful! The combination of pink and blue is just lovely. Do you have table and chairs in your garden? I wanna take a look around your yard. As I have noticed in most garden lovers, they have this hand forged iron tables and chairs that are perfect for tea or coffee in the afternoon while chatting with some friends or just sitting and relaxing by yourself. I went to the hardware yesterday and I'm gonna hang some of my vines in my porch. Hehe!

Hard work pays off. And your garden certainly looks like it's a product of hard work. It's an excellent process, all that planning, and working with Mother Nature, to make the garden grow.

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